Here and there over the past couple years, there’s been all sorts of speculation about Adele’s relationship with sports agent Rich Paul. This past weekend yielded even more.

At a Weekends With Adele Las Vegas residency show on Saturday, September 16 (as ET notes), Adele was walking through the audience and chatting with fans. A female attendee asked if Adele would marry them and the singer responded, “You can’t marry me: I’m straight, my love, and [my] husband’s here tonight, he’s here.”

This comes after a Vegas show in August during which Adele said, “I really want to be a mom again soon,” noting that she and Paul have been considering the idea of having a baby. She added, “I’ve actually been writing lists. Every time I see a name that I like, I write it down in my phone.”

Around this time last year, there was speculation that Adele and Paul had secretly gotten married. In an Instagram post from Adele, some fans noticed that in the background of one of the photos was a customized game of Rummikub that had a label saying “The Paul’s,” which seemed to suggest Adele and Paul were married. Even now, though, neither Adele nor Paul have publicly confirmed that they are officially husband and wife.

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