At the end of October, transcontinental pals Carolina Faruolo (ex-Los Bitchos) and Danny Lee Blackwell (Night Beats) will release their debut album Monte Carlo, which they created remotely — with Faruolo in the UK and Blackwell in Texas — during the height of the pandemic. As Abraxas, they’ve released two tracks from the album, “Mañana” and “Sunrise State (Of Mind).” Now, the duo’s sharing a third album single: the samba-dancing “Göbekli Tepe.”

According to the band, their latest single is meant to evoke images of a “dense, electricity-filled fog hover[ing] over the grounds of ‘Göbekli Tepe’… A dark samba emerges, drifting through the vines covered monolithic halls; while in rhythm with the sleeping jaguars and chirping cicadas. The beckoning choruses lull our traveler into a bossa nova induced trance, while the hand rhythms keep the pulse of the jungle.”

Listen below.

01 “Sunrise State (Of Mind)”
02 “Mañana”
03 “Sultan”
04 “Monte Carlo”
05 “La Estampida”
06 “Hourglass”
07 “Prismatic”
08 “Yes”
09 “Golden”
10 “Fuji”
11 “Shapeshifter”
12 “Göbekli Tepe”

Monte Carlo is out 10/28 via Suicide Squeeze.