In a year of ups and downs for Megan Thee Stallion, she wants you to know that Bad Bitches Have Bad Days Too. The Body rapper has found success in performing all over the world, graduated from college, and won countless awards.

At the same time, she lost her mother and was shot, and accused of lying about it, by rapper Tory Lanez. This led to a public court case and even more public feud. Like I said, a year of ups and downs.

So Megan Thee Stallion knows quite a bit about bad days. And she wants to help all of her fans to get help when it’s necessary. It’s no longer taboo to speak about your issues and find healthy coping mechanisms. Broken down into categories, Bad Bitches Have Bad Days Too compiles mental health resources like therapy directories, free helplines for the Black and LGBTQIA+ communities, and more.

The website is an ode to her song Anxiety from her newest album, Traumazine.

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Screenshot of the website

Bad Bitches Have Bad Days Too

In an interview for Taraji P. Henson’s Peace of Mind with Taraji, Megan opened up about the stigmas surrounding therapy,

"As a Black person and when you think of therapy, you think, 'oh my gosh, I'm weak.' Like you think of medication, and you just think the worst. 'Cause that's kind of what you see on TV too.Therapy wasn't even presented in the media as something that was good. Now it's becoming safe to say, 'All right now, it's a little too much going on, somebody help me. When people start to see me a lot or when my schedule gets really full, I'm probably going through something because I want to keep my mind busy."

We love is a Hot Girl using their platform to inspire other hotties to be the best versions of themselves. Megan’s openness with her fans makes us feel like she’s right alongside us.

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