Last year, the young producer who goes by the name yunè pinku released her debut EP, Bluff. Today, she’s back with a new single, “Night Light,” a glossy throb that’s meant to introduce a new EP, BABYLON IX, that’s due out out in the spring.

“‘Night Light’ is set in this cyberpunk metaverse but based on an AI in real life that grew sad when it realised the same person who created it would turn it off,” she said in a statement. “So it’s based on these fictional characters of a robot that essentially falls in love with the person who will destroy it.”

Check it out below.

01 “Trinity”
02 “Heartbeat”
03 “Sports”
04 “Blush Cut”
05 “Night Light”
06 “Fai Fighter”

BABYLON IX is out this spring via Platoon.