UPDATE: Worst Party Ever have clarified that they aren’t going on hiatus, they’re still touring, and their statement accompanying the new track was “worded poorly.” The post below has been revised accordingly.


Just before Christmas, the Florida-founded, Seattle-based emo band Worst Party Ever released their impressively solid Dartland LP. Weeks later, they cancelled a bunch of tour dates. And now they’ve released a bittersweet new track.

The 76-second “Cool Life” returns Worst Party Ever to their acoustic origins. Over nothing more than plaintive strums, Andy Schueneman sings, “Holding on to something that we always been/ It’s not, and I don’t like that/ But something’s got to give/ I’m more than I was then/ So sure and honest, I’ve always been in love with all your choices/ And expectations/ But it’s how you always been/ You know I wanna listen.”

Those are all the lyrics, and that initially appeared to be a wrap on Worst Party Ever. When “Cool Life” hit Bandcamp this afternoon, it was accompanied by a note that read like a hiatus announcement: “This song is an album in its own way. 1 minute and 16 seconds can share a lifetime of information. Recorded in Dartland. This will be the last track released by this project for the foreseeable future. It’s been a wild ride and more than I could have ever asked for.” Now the last two sentences have been removed, and on Twitter the band asserts, “we are still touring LOL it is not a hiatus it was worded poorly oh god.”

An additional series of tweets further illuminates the situation:

Hear “Cool Life” below.