Now that Blink-182 is just days away from the release of their comeback album One More Time…, fans are no doubt wondering whether its release will be accompanied by a new tour supporting it. They’ve still got plenty of dates left on their ongoing reunion tour, though, with its Latin American leg pushed back due to Travis Barker’s finger injury. So, it remains to be seen whether they’ll extend that tour after being on the road for nearly a year by then.

However, when the band reformed, they announced both the new music and the tour at the same time, meaning that they knew plenty of the fans showing up for them might be expecting to hear music from the new album — especially after it’s out this Friday. That makes it likely they’ll also want to perform those new songs for fans who’ve waited almost 20 years for a new Blink-182 album. If there is a tour for One More Time…, it would make sense to keep the tour rolling with new dates. On the other hand, they might need a break after touring for almost a year straight by then, necessitating a break that would probably mean any new dates wouldn’t take place until 2025. We’ll see which of the two options they decide on (or if they defy expectations and go in a completely different direction) soon enough.