In December, nearly a year after releasing their gorgeous A Billion Little Lights LP, Wild Pink released “Florida,” an epic standalone single described by project mastermind John Ross as “the period at the end of the A Billion Little Lights sentence.” Today Ross is launching the band’s next era.

New single “Q. Degraw” is on the darker, heavier side of the Wild Pink canon, marked by steady pounding drums, an avalanche of distorted guitar, and vocals muttered through a cocoon of noise. “This song is about my experiences with some health problems and how an extremely stressful situation can sharpen your focus on what’s important in life,” Ross writes in a press release. “It’s also about how that stress can sometimes cause you to dissociate from yourself.”

On Twitter, Ross writes that Catherine Vianale of Winded contributed vocals to the track. Listen below.

Wild Pink have some full-band shows coming up: