Fans have been shocked as news broke that Hall & Oates have actually split like seeds, making plans to never see each other again. Daryl Hall filed a lawsuit against John Oates in Nashville Chancery Court, as Philadelphia Magazine noted that a business trust dispute was the cause of the filing. It has also been reported that a temporary restraining order was issued for Hall against Oates on November 17.

While details of the case or the restraining order’s reasoning are still pretty unknown, they might be for a while. According to Axios reporter Nate Rau, “At least for now, all of the filings in the litigation are under seal.”

Although the duo hadn’t been releasing music together for a while, they had seemed pretty cordial in recent years.

“We get along just fine,” Hall previously shared in a 2014 interview with The Guardian about their relationship. “We weren’t — and aren’t — very much alike: we have different interests. But the differences aren’t important, what’s important is what we share — and that’s music.”

“Daryl and I are more like brothers than actual friends,” Oates added. “We’re very different as people, but we have this incredibly strong musical bond. He is creatively unsatisfied and that drives him forward. He’s very smart, and, in my opinion, has one of the greatest popular voices of all time.”

Here’s hoping the two give some more insight into the lawsuit.