Following the release of Uproxx’s Paramore cover story, fans were sent into an online panic. When the “Misery Business” musicians shared an excerpt from the piece by Carolyn Droke, rumors began to fly that they were officially breaking up.

However, that’s not what Droke meant when she penned the closing paragraph: “Now that Paramore has spent the year touring behind This Is Why (and making sure to take better care of themselves while they’re at it), a chapter of the band’s career has come to a close. They’ve now fulfilled all label obligations and are effectively free agents. As for the future of Paramore, all three members agreed that there’s a level of uncertainty.”

But the band clearing their digital footprint still has the public wondering what’s going on with Paramore.

Why did Paramore wipe their social media profiles and official website?

According to Variety, Paramore wants to walk into a fresh start following their two-decade-long recording contract with Atlantic Records.

Although Paramore nor the label have released a statement regarding the report, sources close to the matter told the outlet that this was the simple reasoning. The source dismissed the hearsay surrounding Paramore dropping out of iHeartRadio’s ALTer EGO Festival, doubling down on the scheduling conflict remarks initially shared by the organizer.

If true, fans should expect Paramore in a way they’ve never experienced before.

Paramore is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.