You don’t have to be the biggest K-pop fan on the planet to know that Blackpink is one of the most recognizable groups within the genre. Their popularity has grown in a relatively short time to what can only be described as “juggernaut” status. They have played stadiums all across the globe, and even Tom Brady, the walking definition of “All-American” (he played for the PATRIOTS, fer cryin’ out loud), was seen vibing out at one of their shows.

But just knowing about Blackpink doesn’t mean you know who they are. So, if you ever wondered who the members are, we’ve got you covered. Blackpink was formed in the mid 2010s by YG Entertainment, making their debut in 2016 with four members: Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rosé. They were introduced as Blackpink after seven years of auditions and training and at least one false start, when the group was initially planned to comprise seven members.


Jennie, the group’s rapper, had joined YG’s training program in 2010, but made appearances throughout the early 2010s on songs by other artists such as G-Dragon. Jennie also made her US acting debut earlier this year on HBO’s The Idol, receiving acclaim as the best part of what turned out to be a messy production.


Lisa, who hails from Thailand and also raps, was one of 4,000 Thai applicants for the trainee program — and the only one to be accepted. Lisa and Rosé were the first two members of the quartet to go solo.


Jisoo and Rosé both joined YG later (2011 and 2012, respectively), with Rosé moving from Australia to Korea. Jisoo also made her solo debut early this year.


Rosé was the final member of the group revealed in 2016, and was the first member of the group to go solo in 2021 with her album R. She initially auditioned in Australia following a suggestion from her father, which she thought was a joke.

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