On March 13, Dua Lipa announced Radical Optimism, her third studio album. At the time, she explained the title’s meaning in a statement.

“A couple years ago, a friend introduced me to the term ‘Radical Optimism,’” she said. “It’s a concept that resonated with me, and I became more curious as I started to play with it and weave it into my life. It struck me — the idea of going through chaos gracefully and feeling like you can weather any storm. At the same time, I found myself looking through the music history of psychedelia, trip-hop, and Britpop. It has always felt so confidently optimistic to me, and that honesty and attitude is a feeling I took into my recording sessions.”

Soon, Lipa’s listeners will be able to fully grasp what she meant.

When Will Dua Lipa’s New Album Radical Optimism Be On Apple Music?

Dua Lipa’s Radical Optimism is due out on Friday, May 3, so you can expect the album to hit Apple Music (and all DSPs) at 9 p.m. PST tonight (May 2) and midnight ET.

Dua Lipa’s Radical Optimism Album Cover Artwork

Warner Records UK

Dua Lipa’s Radical Optimism Tracklist

1. “End Of An Era”
2. “Houdini”
3. “Training Season”
4. “These Walls”
5. “Whatcha Doing”
6. “French Exit”
7. “Illusion”
8. “Falling Forever”
9. “Anything For Love”
10. “Maria”
11. “Happy For You”

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