Every summer I seem to trip and fall face first into something new. Whether it be a person, place, or new passion, that’s what the hottest months are for.

Thankfully, summer is also when music – especially in New York – is unstoppable. You’d be hard-pressed to find a night during the week when music isn’t happening, and for me, it’s been the summer of House.

At this point I’m a full-fledged investor in Brooklyn Mirage, having seen everyone from David Guetta, Dom Dolla, MK, and Honey Dijon, to Glass Animals and Sofi Tukker. I’ve been swayed in the balcony, pushed to a barrier, and pressed in the center of the crowd – but as much as I love these big House nights, it’s the more intimate venues that make me appreciate Mirage more.

That’s really how I found myself at Above It All on The DL rooftop on a sweaty summer day.

The series of daytime parties (I can’t resist: aka darties) brings together DJs from around the city for a lineup of fresh sounds and good vibes.

Above It All at The DL is led by 2h0 – an artist collective project created by Brian Ho and Marcus Holloway.

Marcus Holloway (left) and Brian Ho (right) of 2h0 behind the decks

Photo by Gabo Rodriguez-Tossas. Instagram @whatisgabrod

"2h0 aims to create an inclusive space for everyone to come dance and enjoy an intimate party experience centered around the music. We are always looking to add like-minded artists to our lineups and that's how we have assembled this rotation of unique, up-and coming artists you see featured on The DL lineups." – Brian Ho of 2h0

Speaking of lineups, the last Above It All in June was true to their word.

The day kicked off with the debut of AMBR, followed by crowd favorites Laminar Flow, ANDY, GENPOP, and Mazlow. Each on the spectrum of House, from AMBR’s Ibiza-esque to tech house and even crowd-pleasing pop remixes.

AMBR playing at the DL

Photo by Gabo Rodriguez-Tossas. Instagram @whatisgabrod

While 2h0 has cultivated a sense of community around House in the city, they’ve also opened the circle. Closing out their June night was S.I.D (US), an uber-talented House and Progressive DJ/producer based in Florida.

Not only did this smaller-scale event bring people together to dance, drink, and collaborate but it also supported an amazing and relevant organization: the Center for Reproductive Rights.

“…We were between a few organizations but decided on this one because it makes a difference for people around the world and not just in America. We are donating a portion of our profits to the organization, along with any direct donations we received from our merch stand.” – 2h0

While big-name DJs may be jetting off around the world, Above It All does what they can to help from here. A combination of community activism and music – no one does it better than New York City.

Speaking to other DJs, I got an even better sense of what it’s all about. What’s pulling us all towards the House scene and why?

“When I started learning about the depths of House, I realized that there’s so much more meaningful music out there besides the basic Top 100 on Billboard. This wasn’t just any kind of music, but full, rich, and soul-touching music… That's when I knew I needed to be a House DJ. Playing Above it All is always an event I look forward to. I practice endless hours and nights just so I can provide the audience with the most cohesive listening experience I can create.” – Laminar Flow

Laminar Flow playing at the DL

Photo by Alex Gonzalez

While summer may be wrapping up and the hot heated flings with it, I’m happy to report House is coming with us into fall. Catch the next Above It All at the DL on Saturday, September 17th starting at 3pm, with a stacked lineup including 2h0, AMBR, Hirozawa, Matt Battalion, and headliner Daizy.

This is going to be one that I’m definitely not missing out on – with Miami’s own Daizy joining these five-borough favorites, it’s sure to be one for the books. You can get your tickets here!

After attending countless sets, I’ve discovered House is all about the blend between the music and the people. Whether it's the cohesive movements on the dancefloor to the flawless transitions behind the decks, it all fits together somehow.

House is just one big (often sweaty) home. Are you ready to move in?

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