Billie Eilish is planning to add a new fragrance to her collection pretty soon. This one’s titled “Eilish No. 3,” and it’s being released in a sleek red bottle, modeled after a body. For fans or perfume collectors who might be wondering how to get Eilish’s limited-edition release, here’s what to know about when it’s coming out.

Back in September, when Eilish unveiled her previous fragrance, her social media post noted that it would be dropping simply in November, without an exact date given.

The same is true for Eilish’s fragrance website, which only has it listed as “coming soon.” However, those interested can enter their information to “be the first to shop” it when it does.

As of now, the perfume will at least be out sometime by the end of this month.

“I wanted them to feel like they’re from the same family, but very different in themselves,” Eilish told W Magazine about her past two perfume drops. “I wanted them to feel not similar at all, while also feeling familiar, in a way.

“‘Eilish’ was very cozy and very sitting-by-the-fireplace,” she added. “It’s warm, and it’s amber-looking—this dark, soft, warm light. I wanted ‘Eilish No. 2‘ to be the opposite of that: cold and dark, but also make you feel very soft and tender, while also being sultry and sexy. I wanted it to be spicier and more gender-neutral, too.”

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