As we celebrate the anniversary of Godsmack‘s Faceless album this week, it got us to thinking what is the best Godsmack album? So Loudwire Nights host Chuck Armstrong is turning that over to you Godsmack fans for this week’s Chuck’s Fight Club.

He’s decided to pit the hugely successful 2003 album Faceless against the band’s 1998 self-titled breakout album, both of which were key records in the group’s musical history.

The Godsmack album put the band on the map, with the singles “Whatever” “Keep Away,” “Voodoo” and “Bad Religion” commanding the airwaves and making them a hot new band in the heavy music world. The album has gone four times platinum since its arrival.

Meanwhile, Faceless is also a platinum record, kicking off with the hard hitting “I Stand Alone” and delivering such standouts as “Straight Out of Line,” “Serenity,” “Re-Align” and “I Am.”

As with all Chuck’s Fight Club battles, Chuck will introduce the matchup at 8PM on Monday’s Loudwire Nights this week. The Tuesday edition of Loudwire Nights will make the case for the Godsmack album at 8PM, with Wednesday nights show focusing in on Faceless. Your ratings will be tallied through the week with the winner being announced at 8PM on Friday’s Loudwire Nights show.

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