Spotify has unveiled a special new feature called Spotify Duo that users might be interested in — and isn’t quite well-known just yet. For those unfamiliar, Spotify Duo is a deal for Premium users to receive a discount plan. Specifically, for two users who live together.

According to Spotify’s website, each person gets their own Premium account with a separate password. Even if you are on the same plan, the account would be solely your own.

To join Duo, one person would be the designated plan manager. While you cannot change who is in charge of this after signing up, they would “handle payments, set the address, [and] invite and remove members.”

Other steps include: “Live with the plan manager (the person who signed up), log into (or sign up for) your own account, [and] enter the correct address.”

Spotify also points out that if you currently have a Premium account with someone else, you would need to cancel that and wait for the billing cycle to end before signing up for Spotify Duo.

Upon joining the program, users can only switch Duo plans once per year.

Right now, Spotify is allowing users to try Duo for two months while still using their individual plan at no extra cost. More information on this can be found here.