Reneé Rapp’s star has risen quickly in recent years, both in acting with a role in Mean Girls and in music with her well-received 2023 debut album Snow Angel. As Rapp gets thrust further into the spotlight, her personal life has inevitably become a greater focus point, particularly in regards to her sexuality.

What Is Reneé Rapp’s Sexuality?

In a 2023 interview with The Cut, Rapp spoke about some guilt she felt over playing a gay character on The Sex Lives Of College Girls, saying, “I literally hated myself for months because I’m bisexual. I had a boyfriend at the time, and I was being very homophobic to myself. I was like, ‘I don’t deserve to be doing this; I’m not gay enough.’”

More recently, though, she has referred to herself as a lesbian. In a February interview with The Hollywood Reporter, she said, “I’ve only recently started referring to myself as a lesbian, and I’ve only recently been in a relationship where I’m like, ‘Yeah, I’m a lesbian for sure.’”

Rapp has seemingly had some doubting her sexuality, as she tweeted on March 25, “if I say I’m a lesbian I am a lesbian and if someone says they’re bi they are bi I’ve had enough of you witches.”

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