2024 will mark 20 years since the release of Green Day‘s American Idiot album. Often hailed as one of the band’s most significant projects, the album was a controversial release at the time, notably with its title track.

On “American Idiot,” vocalist Billie Joe Armstrong sings “I’m not a part of a redneck agenda,” alluding to American conservatism. 20 years later, some viewers were shocked when Armstrong replaced the line with “I’m not a part of the MAGA agenda” during a performance on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. The apparent controversy comes as a surprise to a lot of fans, as Green Day has always been vocal in their criticisms toward American politics, as well as the concept behind American Idiot.

What is Green Day’s American Idiot about?

American Idiot arrived years after 9/11, in the wake of the Bush era and the Iraq war. While much of the songs contain allusions to Bush and American politics, songs like “American Idiot,” “Holiday,” and “Jesus Of Suburbia” were overtly political, criticizing Bush and the Bush administration.

Songs like “Boulevard Of Broken Dreams” and “Wake Me Up When September Ends” were less political in tone, but the latter was used in a PSA following Hurricane Katrina.

You can see the aforementioned performance of “American Idiot” above.