Here’s what fans think of Falling in Reverse‘s new country-rock song “All My Life” with Jelly Roll so far.

The track just dropped earlier today (June 6) and will appear on Falling in Reverse’s upcoming new album Popular MonsterAccording to many fans online, the record’s original July 26 release date has seemingly been pushed back to Aug. 16.

Regardless, Falling in Reverse fans seem quite surprised that the band dropped a country song, despite the fact that there’s been a lot of crossover in rock and country over the last year or so.

Ronnie Radke even sports a cowboy hat, rides a horse in the music video, which is a play-on classic western movies cut with clips of the band performing the song. There’s even a clip of people line dancing during the song’s breakdown.

Fan Reactions on X (Formerly Twitter)

As usual, has a mixed bag of reactions to “All My Life,” with some fans pleasantly surprised by the song, and others resenting the fact that a band known for being heavy would delve into the country realm.

Many have pointed out how different the track is from its predecessor “Ronald,” which was an incredibly heavy piece featuring Tech N9ne and Slaughter to Prevail‘s Alex Terrible.

See the reactions below.

Fan Reactions on Reddit

Since Reddit is a much more niche community and the Falling in Reverse subreddit likely has more diehard fans, we combed through some of the sentiments to “All My Life” there as well. For the most part, the reactions seem positive.

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“‘All My Life’ literally just came out a few minutes ago and WHAT???!!! I think this has now become my favorite single off the upcoming album, and I just loved every part of it somehow, including Jelly Roll!” someone wrote in the description of a post. 

The comments on that particular thread are listed below.

In another post, someone shared a screenshot of the song without any context. See the responses listed below.

  • FIR is collecting genres like infinity stones [at this point]
  • Like it or not, this has potential to introduce [two] pretty different fan bases to new types of music.
  • I love it! It’s really fun. I love that he does different stuff and has fun with it, keeps things interesting and not stale.
  • I will bet this will not be everyone’s favorite song off the upcoming album, but [in my opinion], it was a fun one and is def my fav.
  • Tbh I’ve been missing the old FIR songs that are fun to listen to which aren’t taken so seriously. With all of these intense and serious songs he’s been releasing, this is a refreshing mix up in the album. I dig it and the music video is top notch as always. Love it or hate it, you’ve got to appreciate the passion this man has for all kinds of music. He doesn’t trap himself in a box and make the same old stuff, he switches it up makes it interesting. This song has got me excited knowing the other new songs on the album aren’t all gonna be rap, metal, rap, metal. Am I the only one feeling this way?

Falling in Reverse, ‘All My Life’ (feat. Jelly Roll)

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