This week, Weeping Icon are releasing a new EP, Ocelli, the Best New Band‘s follow-up to their 2019 self-titled debut. We heard “Pigs, Shit & Trash” from it a little bit ago, and today the New York group is sharing another single, “Two Ways.”

Two Ways’ is about people who want to appear virtuous in their public facing personality, but live a contradictory shadow life in which they do whatever they please, no matter how harmful their actions are to others. It’s told through the voice of a man named Todd (yes, that’s his real name!) who I encountered a few years back. He used a harmful term towards a woman he was angry with, then accepted a long explanatory talk from me, appeared to reflect, enthusiastically told me he’d appreciated me taking the time to educate him and agreed to change his behavior, and then immediately found that same woman and started calling her harmful sexist names without a moment between. I was truly in shock at how comfortable he was with his personality being stratified into two layers – the outward-facing kind, modern man, looking to learn from the necessarily rapid changes in society – and the sinister, selfish sadist beneath who believes in his own entitlement to act with impunity.

Check it out below.

The Ocelli EP is out 11/18 via Fire Talk.