Secretly Canadian’s 25th anniversary celebration rolls on today with a new track from the awesome Asheville indie rock band Wednesday. Foundational Secretly artist Jason Molina has always loomed large in Wednesday’s music — guitarist MJ Lenderman’s solo releases even more so — and the sparse, haunting “Feast Of Snakes” takes that influence a step further. Karly Hartzman explains:

I 100% ripped off the chords for this song from Jason Molina’s “Almost Was Good Enough.” When I wrote it I had just finished reading his biography Riding With The Ghost which has a ton of information about Molina’s music and by extension the beginnings of Secretly. I thought channeling his music for our contribution to SC25 would be fitting!

The lyrics are inspired by Harry Crews’ novel Feast Of Snakes. So much of the darkness in that book is reminiscent of Molina lyrics. We wanted to keep the instrumentation pretty sparse and scary so it’s just me on vocals and guitar and Xandy [Chelmis] on steel and banjo.

In other Wednesday news, Hartzman had a viral Twitter thread this week exploring the unsustainable expense of touring in this day and age, in which she broke down how the band ended up coming about $100 short of breaking even on their tour to SXSW. It’s well worth a read. You can find the thread below, right under “Feast Of Snakes.”

Wednesday’s new covers album Mowing The Leaves Instead Of Piling ‘Em Up is essential listening.