Wilco‘s Jeff Tweedy has joined Bleachers to cover Lana Del Rey‘s ‘Margaret’ – watch the moment below.

Bleachers performed in Chicago on Saturday (May 25), where they unveiled a special guest to perform with them. That’s when Tweedy arrived on stage, where he and the band sang a cover of Del Rey’s ‘Margaret’.

‘Margaret’ was written as a tribute to frontman Jack Antonoff and his wife, actress Margaret Qualley. It appeared on the ‘Ride’ singer’s latest album, ‘Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd’, which she released last year.

Watch Tweedy and Bleachers team up for ‘Margaret’ below:


Wilco have just announced their new EP ‘Hot Sun Cool Shroud’, which will be released on June 28 via dBpm Records, which will expand on the sounds from their last record ‘Cousin’. It will coincide with Wilco’s Solid Sound Festival, which will take place on June 28-30 at MASS MoCA in North Adams, Massachusetts – get your tickets here.

“It’s fun to have something new to release at Solid Sound,” Tweedy said of the EP. “This year we’re putting out an EP with a summertime-after-dark kind of feeling. It starts off pretty hot, like heat during the day, has some instrumentals on it that are a little agitated and uncomfortable and ends with a cooling breeze.


“There are tracks on Hot Sun Cool Shroud that are more aggressive and angular than anything we’ve put out in a while, and a song about love melting you like ice cream into a puddle of sugary soup. All the pieces of summer, including the broody cicadas.”

Meanwhile, NME spoke to Del Rey recently at the Ivor Novello Academy Awards, where she spoke about whether she felt any vindication against her detractors upon her huge success.

“No, maybe three years ago there would have been a sense of vindication, but now it just feels playful. I don’t know why,” she replied. “If you hang in long enough, it just feels easy. There’s no vindication, no nothing – I’m just kind of happy to be here.  It’s easy-going in that way.”

She also opened up about her time living in Hackney’s Kingsland Road, saying: “I remember every smell, every shop, every beauty shop. I used to get green contact lenses – like, greener than my eyes – for my interviews to get signed. Ben [Mawson, manager] once saw me, and I had these massive extensions as well, and he physically took the little green lizard contacts.


“He stomped them and he was like, ‘You look like a lizard!’ Anyways, there are amazing beauty shops on Kingsland Road: past the fish market, the buses, I remember everything.”

NME also spoke to Jack Antonoff ahead of Bleachers’ second sold out London show, where he spoke about choosing his collaborators.

“If there’s ever something that sounds interesting to work on, I try to meet people and see if I can imagine doing things with them. You know, the ability to make something with someone is so delicate that you could like someone, you could love their work, but it might not work,” he said.

He continued: “You just have to try and be very honest when it happens and when it doesn’t. And I tend and intend to follow the things where I feel a lot of inspiration and excitement. It’s all kind of gut feeling, but yeah, it can be a bit awkward if it’s not there. Because you can’t really fake it.”

In other news, Jack Antonoff has hit out at Kanye West again: “Your diaper is so full”.