The Exies have unveiled the official music video for their latest song, “For What It’s Worth.” You can watch it in the video player below.

“Over 20 hours of footage from ’02 to 2010 was gone through,” frontman Scott Stevens said in a statement about the new video.

“It really captures the time of the band and all we accomplished, from Motley [Crue] tours to Velvet Revolver shows — to MTV spring break, Red Rocks, to countless festivals and studio footage.”

During the premiere of the video on YouTube, Stevens said it was emotional watching the footage. Later, in an Instagram Live conversation with Loudwire Nights host Chuck Armstrong, Stevens explained what he meant by that.

“It just brings back everything that it meant to me, that it meant to us,” he admitted. “It was an amazing time in our lives and we really took it to the mountain, we did everything we could possibly do. It was great. It’s great memories.”

The Exies Are Reuniting at the Viper Room in Los Angeles

Chuck and Stevens also discussed the Exies’ upcoming reunion show at the legendary Viper Room in Los Angeles.

The show is set for May 29 and will be hosted by Matt Pinfield.

“Pinfield was the very first guy to play the Exies,” Stevens told the Instagram Live audience.

“We submitted for an MTV video contest [or something]. They picked 20 finalists and we were one of them. We didn’t have a record deal, nothing, and he picked it and from there on we kind of struck up a relationship with him.”

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The Viper Room also holds a bit of nostalgia for the Exies as it was the very place they signed their first record deal.

“For those of you that don’t know, the Exies got signed out of the Viper Room,” Stevens said. “It just all makes sense to kind of start where we began.”

Fans can keep up-to-date with the Exies and get details on the Viper Room reunion show here.

The Exies’ “For What It’s Worth,” Official Music Video

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