SAULT have finally played their first ever live show, and brought out Little Simz and Michael Kiwanuka to celebrate the occasion – watch everything that went down below.

The mysterious collective, who are yet to reveal any of their names or faces, have steadily released music since their debut ‘5’ in 2019. SAULT have never officially confirmed their bandmembers; however, producer Inflo is generally regarded as the leader, with Cleo Sol, Kid Sister, Chronixx and more providing uncredited vocals.

A few days ago, the collective confirmed a world tour as well the date of their first ever show, which was held at London’s new venue Drumsheds. Now, footage has been shared of their live debut, which fans have called “euphoric, sensational & inspiring”.


First, concertgoers walked through tunnels and a large room displaying their records admist grass and wheat. People also apparently had to walk through a refrigerator in order to get to the main hall.

Then, the band performed for around two hours, splitting their show into three sections. After a short intro, SAULT launched into the ‘Africa Section’, where they invited Little Simz onto the stage to perform their song ‘Fear No Man’. Simz has worked with Inflo throughout her career, with Inflo producing her Mercury Award-winning album ‘Sometimes I Might Be Introvert’. 

Later, they performed brand new material from a record entitled ‘Acts of Faith’, which contains nine songs.

Finally, SAULT finished off with a selection of songs from their catalogue, including ‘Masterpiece and ‘Glory’. They also brought Michael Kiwanuka to the stage to perform ‘Colour Blind’, whilst Kid Sister made an appearance on ‘Don’t Waste My Time’. See the full setlist and videos of the night below:


Little Simz performs at Sault’s first ever live show in London last night #LittleSimz #Sault #Drumsheds #CrackMagazine

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New SAULT snippet from the live show today #SAULT #cleosol #livemusic #rnb #soulmusic

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Here’s every song SAULT performed:

1. Air
2. 4am
3. Time Is Precious

“Africa Section”
4. Ipadi jo
5. Kpanlogo
6. Fontonmom
7. Asbeku
8. Fear No Man (with Little Simz)
9. Ever So Lonely
10. Gods Will

“Acts Of Faith”
11. Sunrise
12. Set Your Spirit Free
13. God Will Help You
14. Heal
15. Turn It Around
16. Lessons
17. Only For You
18. Signs
19. Pray For Me

20. X
21. Glory/Bitter Streets
22. Free
23. Let Me Go
24. Over
25. I Just Want To Dance
26. Warrior
27. Faith
28. Angel
29. Masterpiece
30. Fight For Love
31. Don’t Waste My Time (with Kid Sister)
32. Up All Night
33. Son Shine
34. Why Why Why Why Why
35. Colour Blind (with Michael Kiwanuka)
36. Strong
37. Black Is
38. Wildfires

SAULT are set to embark on a world tour, where they will play a different album at each date. ‘5’, for instance, will take place in New York, whilst those based in Paris will experience ‘Air’. The band are also set to play ‘Black’ in LA, ‘Untitled (Rise)’ in Canada, and ’11’ in Germany.

They will also play ‘Earth’ in “Africa”; it has not been confirmed exactly where on the continent they will play. The band also seem to have announced a separate London date, where they will play ‘Nine’.

In a four-star review of 2021’s ‘Nine’, NME wrote: “Once again, Sault demonstrate the power of words and just how impactful music can be. It’s impossible not to feel affected by the stories being told.”

“Despite ‘Nine’s sadness, Sault channel optimism and hope for a brighter future into their songs. Coupled with twinkling piano keys, the album’s poignant closing words offer a lifeline: ‘Don’t ever lose yourself / You can always start again’.“