One month from now, James Corden will finish his reign of terror on American television. In the meantime, Corden is getting in all the Carpool Karaoke bits he can manage. A couple of weeks ago, Corden had Bad Bunny in his car. Last night, it was Lil Nas X, and the entire segment was built around the idea of Lil Nas making his acting debut on the soap opera The Bold And The Beautiful.

The entire point of these Carpool Karaoke bits is to allow extremely famous people the opportunity to be funny and chatty. Lil Nas X succeeded at that; he came off in person like he does on Twitter. Lil Nas gamely went through all the banter rigamarole with James Corden, and he and Corden sang all the big hits. They also both played trumpet. The segment built to the moment when Corden got Lil Nas X to say that he wanted to try acting, and this led to the two of them taking part in a taping of The Bold And The Beautiful.

In their big moment on the show, Lil Nas X and James Corden were both soap-opera background characters, with Lil Nas playing a waiter and Corden playing a busboy. Hijinks ensued, and the actual soap opera cast and crew were absolute professionals amidst all the hijinks. Must’ve been a long day for them. Watch the whole bit below.

Is James Corden tired of James Corden at this point? He has to live with that guy all the time. Must be exhausting.