We at Stereogum are big fans of Jordan Olds’ great video series Two Minutes To Late Night, in which different metal and punk musicians get together remotely to cover classic songs. Jordan Olds, a comedian by trade, always takes part in those covers. Every once in a while, they become solo projects. Last Halloween, for instance, Olds played a medley of themes from John Carpenter movies. Today, he’s followed that one with a salute to the Fox Kids cartoon programming of the ’90s.

If you’re a person of a certain age, then there’s a good chance you remember those ’90s cartoons with some fondness. Those shows ruled! The Tick? Beast Wars: Transformers? And a lot of them had extremely memorable theme songs — theme songs with translate pretty well into metal. Jordan Olds’ tribute starts off the only way it could: With him playing the fire-ass riff from the X-Men show. It then goes on to salute Bobby’s World, Spider-Man, and Power Rangers Turbo, among others. Dive into the nostalgia below.

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