Tyler, The Creator‘s fashion label Golf Wang have announced worldwide holiday pop ups.

The musician will launch 12 holiday pop up stores on December 2, along with their current permanent locations in Los Angeles, New York and London.

Golf Wang will travel across the world to Amsterdam, Berlin, Hong Kong, Toyko, Melbourne, and London. A store will also arrive in Seoul, South Korean, however its location will be announced in the future.


In the US, further pop ups will be found in Austin, Atlanta, Bay Area, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix and Washington, D.C.

The stores will contain portions of the FW23 collection, along with a graffiti airbrush-inspired art piece that will be featured on different items like tees, fleece, jackets and accessories. Pieces from the essentials collection and Tyler, The Creator’s music will also be available to buy on vinyl.

Tyler recently hosted the latest edition of his festival Camp Flog Gnaw, even joining Kendrick Lamar and Baby Keem on stage for their live debut as ‘The Hillbillies’.

He also made headlines for his particularly passionate call for more music journalism. In an interview with Narduwar, Tyler said: “Music is my favourite thing and I could talk about it all day. But we’re at a point where a musician who you know for music is being interviewed on a platform about music, talking in detail about music — his passion and what he’s known for — and people are like, ‘Why does he keep doing that?’”

He continued: “We need to stop fucking going sneaker shopping or fucking deep-throating hot wings for an hour. Talk about your album. Talk about music. Talk about the 15 songs that you guys have spent time to get mixed and mastered and put your heart into and produced and did all these things.


“And then when the album comes out and it sells two copies, everyone’s confused. But it’s like, they don’t want to talk about the music or the album; they’d rather fucking go eat chicken wings and sneaker shopping.”

Tyler eventually apologised on social media after inadvertently slamming the popular show Hot Ones, which features guests eating increasingly spicy chicken wings being asked increasingly difficult questions. “Sean you didn’t really deserve the energy that comes off, wasn’t my intention at all although ‘deep-throating chicken’ sounds hilarious to me,” Tyler wrote.

In other news, the rapper has said he’s tired of new music being released on Friday, saying “we should put music out again on Tuesdays instead of Fridays.

“I know people think because of the weekend they can listen and stuff, and streams go up,” he reasoned. “I think it’s a lot of passive listening at parties, or [when] people get the time to go to the gym, so they’re not really listening.”