TOPS have announced a new EP, Empty Steps, which will be out next month as the Montreal group’s follow-up to 2020’s full-length I Feel Alive. It includes last year’s singles “Party Again” and “Waiting,” and today they’re sharing the chic and breezy “Perfected Steps,” a laidback six-minute takedown about someone who is stuck in the past. “The more you want, the more you miss, the more you wish that you had it,” goes its sing-songy final lines. “But when it all falls down around you/ Will you see how it happened?”

“‘Perfected Steps’ is about some right wing aging loser clinging to their glory days, values out of sync with reality,” the band’s Jane Penny said in a statement. “It feels like for some reason people like this still have an enormous presence in everybody’s lives and it’s super irritating. We thought that maybe if we write a song placing this mentality in the past where it belongs we could bully this vibe peacefully out of existence.”

Check it out below. While you’re here, also check out last week’s “Entertainment,” the debut single from Marci, aka TOPS’ keyboardist Marta Cikojevic.

01 “Perfected Steps”
02 “Janet Planet”
03 “Waiting”
04 “Party Again”
05 “Future Waits”

The Empty Seats EP is out 5/10 via Musique TOPS.