Tommy Richman is having a hell of a summer. After years of putting in the work, Richman finally had a breakthrough hit with his addictive pop-R&B fusion track, “Million Dollar Baby.” The single has dominated radio and TikTok, but Richman is no flash in the pan. Tonight (June 14), the hitmaker has shared his new single, “Devil Is A Lie.”

Equally as catchy as “Million Dollar Baby,” Richman’s latest, “Devil Is A Lie” features the singer arriving to newfound assurance, making it known that he’s not going to let anything or anybody stand in his way.

“You got no confidence like me / Only wanna run around and chase me / I’m not no Travis, baby, not no Chase B / I work too hard, can you f*ckin’ pay me?,” Richman sings on the song’s chorus.

Richman put out over 30 songs before finally landing a hit with “Million Dollar Baby.” And now that he’s arrived at the top of the pops, he is happy to reap the fruits of his labor.

“I did so much, you did it with me, and I’m not alone / Since 2019, was dinners with me, I’ma set it in stone / You come from a sunken place again / You know the struggle, baby, can we be friends? / From the bottom to the top began / We go on again, on again,” Richman sings on the song’s second verse.

You can listen to “Devil Is A Lie” above.

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