Thundercat has spoken about becoming sober, revealing that he chose an awkward time to quit alcohol.

The bass virtuoso has been sober for five years and spoke about how sobriety influenced his music in a new interview for NME In Conversation. 

“In life, I just chose something different, and what comes with it comes with it,” he said. “In certain respects, it feels like I had to learn to walk and talk again. I decided to stop drinking in the apocalypse, which wasn’t great timing. I should have held off a little longer…

“It’s just different now, and I’m learning to vibe with who I am without it.”


After becoming sober, Thundercat released the critically acclaimed album ‘It Is What It Is’ and has been teasing the follow-up recently.

“I’m harnessing pain this time. More pain. Like that moment when Anakin thought he was doing good [in Revenge Of The Sith],” he said about the inspiration for the new material. “And I think this time there’s an air of just letting things be what they are. Just accepting things being where they are, and life… whatever life is for me right now.”


He continued: “I’m working! I’ve been working on it, but I think that the life in between is just as important, so I’ve been trying to not put so much pressure on what it’s supposed to be,” he added. “I’m just moving in a manner that feels natural to me. I am very much creating music, of course. All the time. But trying not to think so much. We will definitely see what happens in the near future.”

Thundercat also said he would be open to collaborating on the album. “Yeah, that’s one of the joys of what I do. I love the idea of collaborating with people, especially when it’s something that feels right. The [most intriguing] part for me is the unknown, that’s what makes it something special. It was the never-expected things in the past that meant the most.

“I’m very excited about things that are going to come in the future. A few things are coming, but I’d rather not say because I always get in trouble for spoiling stuff and being a little bit too keen on talking about it. I’m learning to shut up… but there are definitely things that are coming that are pretty awesome.”