Here are some things for rock and metal fans to do in Las Vegas before and after this year’s Sick New World festival later this month.

Congrats! You were one of the lucky ones who got passes to the festival, and you have all (or most, hopefully) of your travel and accommodations figured out. But what else is there to do in Sin City during your stay if you have some other time to kill?

Of course, if you’re down to splurge a bit, then we recommend going to see a show like Cirque du Soleil, Criss Angel’s Mindfreak Magic Show at Planet Hollywood or even The Beatles’ LoveYou can check out the brand new Las Vegas Sphere, which offers different types of shows whenever there isn’t a concert happening. The High Roller is also a cool attraction that you can ride in to see the city from above.

But chances are, you don’t want to spend a lot of money when you’ve already paid for tickets and travel, and all of those aforementioned activities can be a but pricey.

But you don’t want to sit around in your hotel room either! Vegas has so much to offer for music fans that doesn’t require you to drain your bank account, so keep reading to see some suggestions of what to do when you aren’t at the festival seeing System of a Down, Slipknot, Alice In Chains, Lamb of God and all the other incredible acts on the lineup.

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Some of the things on this list were visited by members of the Loudwire staff, while others are merely just suggestions from fellow rock and metal fans on the internet. Regardless, it’s all reasonably-priced, or even free.

A Rock + Metal Fan’s Guide to Las Vegas

Things to do in Las Vegas for rock and metal fans who are looking for affordable activities for before and after the festival.

Gallery Credit: Lauryn Schaffner

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