Last we heard from the Streets, Mike Skinner’s UK alt-rap project teamed up with Fred again.. and Dermot Kennedy in March for “Mike (desert island duvet).” In 2020, Skinner released “Call My Phone Thinking I’m Doing Nothing Better” with Tame Impala, along with its B-side, “Where The F* & K Did April Go.” Now, Skinner has announced that the Streets will release their first full-length album in 12 years, following 2011’s Computer And Blues. The Darker The Shadow, The Brighter The Light is out October 20 and will be accompanied by a self-directed feature film of the same name. Interestingly, Skinner used the phrase “The Darker The Shadow The Brighter The Light” as a side project, which released an album titled The Streets in 2021.

Along with the new album announcement, the Streets shared a lead single and video, “Troubled Waters.” Opening up about the album and film, the Streets said: “It has been seven long years working on this film and album. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and after dipping my toe in with some shorts and music videos, I felt I was ready. I tried to go the traditional route for a bit, but it’s always served me better to follow my instincts and just get on with it myself, so I’ve directed it, acted in it, edited, sound mixed, funded, produced it all as well as written it. The album doesn’t exist without it.

“Ultimately it’s all the fruits of a decade on the DJ circuit, watching people in clubs and back rooms, testing out beats and basslines to see what connected — and putting it all together into The Darker The Shadow The Brighter The Light.”

Watch “Troubled Waters” below.

01 “Too Much Yayo”
02 “Money Isn’t Everything”
03 “Walk Of Shame”
04 “Something To Hide”
05 “Shake Hands With Shadows”
06 “Not A Good Idea”
07 “Bright Sunny Day”
08 “The Darker The Shadow The Brighter The Light”
09 “Funny Dream”
10 “Gonna Hurt When This Is Over”
11 “Kick The Can”
12 “Each Day Gives”
13 “Someone Else’s Tune”
14 “Troubled Waters”
15 “Good Old Daze”

The Darker The Shadow, The Brighter The Light is out 10/20 via 679 Recordings and Warner Music UK LTD. Pre-order it here.