What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Well, that’s not always true. One bong-hitting Phish fan learned that a ban at Las Vegas’ newest venue, The Sphere, actually extended to all other Madison Square Garden venues (including Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall, The Beacon Theatre, The Chicago Theatre, and more).

But it looks like the company had a change of heart. Yesterday (June 8), according to Variety, The Sphere rescinded its ban, but not for the reason you think. In a statement, the representative claimed the note was mistakenly sent out.

“There was a breakdown in our process due to a change in personnel, which resulted in the letter being sent inadvertently,” wrote the rep. “This customer is not banned from our properties, however, it is still against our policies, which are in accordance with local laws, to smoke, bring glassware into our venues, and disrupt other fans’ enjoyment of the event.”

Footage of the incident wasn’t retrieved from the venue’s surveillance, but rather the concertgoer himself. On April 20 (nonetheless), the patron, only known by his Instagram hand @acid_farts, uploaded a video smoking from a bong inside the facility with the caption: “First bong hit to ever be ripped in the @spherevegas @phish Somebody call @guinessworldrecords 4/20/24.”

Shorty after, he received a notice from that Madison Square Garden Entertainment’s legal counsel notifying him that he was banned from returning to all of its properties.

During an interview with Rolling Stone, he expressed no regret over his actions. “I’m really wearing it as a badge of honor,” he said.

He later went on to sell “Free Acid Farts” t-shirts to laugh about the incident, with proceeds going to the Divided Sky Foundation, an addiction recovery center founded by Phish’s frontman Trey Anastasio.

Now that the ban has been lifted, MSG security is sure to keep a keen eye on the cameras as they patiently await Acid Farts return.