The Simpsons did not predict the downfall of Diddy, the series’ showrunner Matt Selman has confirmed.

An image of the rapper animated as a Simpsons character has recently been doing the rounds on social media. The cartoon Diddy – real name Sean Combs – is seen donning a pink suit and shades as he runs away from a group of police officers.

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A caption on TikTok reads: “The Simpsons appears to have predicted Diddy’s current situation. In an old episode. How did they know?”


Despite the long-running show’s reputation for predicting future events (including the Apple Vision Pro, Donald Trump’s US presidency and Richard Branson’s trip into space), Selman has now debunked the picture of Diddy.

“In the current era of digital misinformation, The Simpsons ‘predictions’ (or, more accurately, ‘coincidences’) have become meaningless,” the writer and producer told TMZ.


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“Any goofball can whip up an AI image based on a current event and say ‘The Simpsons predicted it!’ – and decent-but-easily-misled folks will believe it because they so very want it to be true.”

The fake scene depicted Diddy in a suit similar to the one he once wore on the red carpet, and had convinced many fans online. You can see the image in the post above.

Other events that seemed to have been prophesied by The Simpsons include Daenerys Targaryen’s ‘mad queen’ turn in Game Of Thrones, Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl performance and the 2023 bed bug crisis.

Selman told TMZ that the cartoon’s apparent ability to predict the future comes down to “history” and “math”. “If you study history, you will be able to ‘predict’ the future because the foolishness of humanity repeats itself,” he explained.


“If you study math, you will know that if the show makes literally tens of thousands of jokes about American society over almost 800 episodes, it would be statistically impossible not to create material that overlaps with what would later happen in real life.”

The Simpsons wrapped up its 35th season last Sunday (May 19).

In other Simpsons news, fans recently reacted to a “cringe” song that featured in an episode earlier this month and voice actor Harry Shearer suggested that the recasting of Dr Hibbert had “affected” his former character.

Meanwhile, Diddy has been accused of drugging and sexually assaulting a former model following a wave of allegations and lawsuits against the rapper.

Last November, Cassie Ventura filed a lawsuit against Diddy for physical and sexual abuseThe two settled the suit “to mutual satisfaction” a day after it was filed, according to a release sent by attorney Douglas Wigdor, who represented Ventura.

Diddy denied all the allegations that had been made against him in December.

A video was published last week that shows Diddy allegedly attacking Ventura in a hotel. The footage appears to align with the allegations she had made in her lawsuit. Diddy has since apologised for his “inexcusable” behaviour.