Most superheroes (and villains) have a close affinity with a furious animal. After a recent run-in with a typically nocturnal mammal, Taylor Momsen’s story could easily be turned into a comic book series.

On May 29, during the band’s opening set for AC/DC’s Power Up Tour in Seville, Spain, The Pretty Reckless frontwoman was bit by a bat. Yesterday (May 31), Momsen took to X (formerly Instagram) to issue a statement after videos of the incident on Estadio La Cartuja’s stage surfaced online.

“Rock and roll moment,” she wrote. “In Sevilla, [on] Wednesday, during ‘Witches Burn’ a bat 🦇 clung to my leg. In the moment, I was performing and had no idea until the crowd kept screaming and pointing. Yes, he bit me. So, rabies shots for the next two weeks 😖.”

She went on to joke about the nickname medical professional gave her following the encounter. “Thanks to the staff at the hospital,” she wrote. “Who dubbed me #BatGirl after seeing it on the local news.”

Momsen is living the rock star lifestyle on the tour and as a member of the band. But she first gained popularity thanks to her roles in How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Gossip Girl. Now, users online are hoping that Taylor Momsen would return to the small screen, even if it was for a comedic skit about the freak accident.