A few years ago, the former R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck joined a jangle-pop supergroup. The No Ones also features Young Fresh Fellows leader Scott McCaughey, Buck’s Minus 5 bandmate and longtime collaborator, as well as two members of the Norwegian power-pop band I Was A King. The No Ones released their debut EP The Sun Station in 2017, and they followed it with the 2020 LP The Great Lost No Ones Album. In September, the No Ones returned with their new single “All The Stupid Days.” Today, they’ve got another new joint.

The No Ones’ new single is a seasonal offering called “A Christmas Voice (I Don’t Want To Bring You Into This World).” The song definitely sounds happy; it’s full of sleigh bells and sha-la-la harmonies. But the lyrics take a decidedly different tone. “A Christmas Voice” is a pro-choice Christmas song that’s specifically about deciding not to have a baby in a bleak-ass world: “I don’t wanna bring you into this world of madness/ Maybe one day, I’ll change my mind/ I don’t wanna drag you into this place/ No future!/ Maybe one day, your star will shine.” Listen below.

“A Christmas Voice (I Don’t Want To Bring You Into This World)” is out now, and you can get it at Bandcamp.