It's never too late or too early for a rapper to chase their dreams. Hip-hop has always been driven by the youth, and over the last few years, within the genre have accentuated that point; the newest names in the game have been skewing younger and younger. At just 17 years old, Yvngxchris has mad waves all across the internet, thanks to how well his songs "Kyrie Irving," "Bitch I'm Joe Biden" and more have been streaming. Toss in his viral smash "Blood On The Leaves," which is a modernized flip of the Kanye West song, and it becomes even clearer that the Chesapeake, Va. rapper is really making noise. The song has over 7 million TikTok videos dedicated to it, and the accompanying YouTube video has 3 million views in two months.

Yvngxchris jumped into rap in 2017, influenced by his father playing a lot of rap around him, most notably, Lil Wayne. Recording his music through his iPhone earbuds, he aimed to mix together aspects from some of his favorite rappers, like Ski Mask The Slump God and Comethazine, which explains his rapid-fire flow. There is a younger sect of rappers who cut their teeth through the internet, and Yvngxchris is in that fold. What separates him from the pack is how clever he is, along with his pure rapping ability. His topics most center around fun, girls and money, and he has a knack for knowing what will work.

After his song "Kyrie Irving" took off in 2020, his career began to form, with hometown hero Pusha T deciding to manage him. Last year, Yvngxchris signed a deal with Columbia Records. Balancing newfound popularity with trying to be normal teenager, in addition to a budding rap career, would be a lot for anyone, but Yvngxchris handles it in stride. He's all smiles while he talks to XXL about his road to this point, and what lies ahead.

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"Bitch I'm Joe Biden"

"Blood On The Leaves"


BabySantana's "Off the Leash!" featuring Yvngxchris and Luisss

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