The people rappers hold near and dear can help change their life. Few know this fact better than Big Scarr, the 21-year-old 1017 Records rapper, who had no interest in making music just a few years ago. Nudged into rapping by his close friend and fellow artist Baby K in 2019, Scarr dropped his song "Make A Play" late that year and picked up 50K views in the first week. As a new artist, that's impressive on his own, but he got launched to another level by YouTube personality Tommy Craze, who made a reaction video to the "Make A Play" video.

Now, millions of views later, he found himself on Gucci Mane's radar, partially due to Scarr's cousin Pooh Shiesty vouching to Wop, along with Gucci already being familiar with Scarr's music. Gucci got on the phone with Scarr, told him how much he loved his rhymes, and the rest is history. Joining 1017 in 2020, turned Scarr from a buzzing Memphis rapper to next in line under Gucci Mane's tutelage. Songs like "SoIcyBoyz" series, "I Would Keep Goin," "Endzone" and over 70 million YouTube views in just three years show his growth.

Scarr hit the round running after signing, appearing all over 1017 Records compilations and his labelmates' tracks. He dropped his first project ever, Big Grim Reaper, last April, then came back with the deluxe edition, Big Grim Reaper: The Return, last month. He has only gone up since, and he stopped by this week's The Break to talk about his journey through music, being appreciative of his success, great fans and more.

Check out Big Scarr's The Break Live episode below.

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"Make A Play"

"I Would Keep Goin"

"Fu*c The Rap Game"

"MJ" featuring Quezz Ruthless

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