The boys of BTS are currently serving mandatory time in the Korean military, but they’re still managing to keep fans fed while they’re away. Tonight (November 28), Disney+ shared the official trailer for their upcoming docuseries BTS Monuments: Beyond The Star.

In the trailer, the boys are seen navigating global fame. The footage takes us back to the beginning of their career, to crossing over as international pop sensations. We see the boys celebrate as they win various awards and sell out various arenas on tours.

Fans will also see the BTS members grapple with the darker side of fame. In one clip, RM says “We worked our tails off, life was difficult.”

Though it’s not super clear to what RM is alluding, his bandmate, Suga, doubles down on this, saying, “I was going to run away, for real.”

According to a press release, fans will get a “glimpse into the countless obstacles and challenges the band encountered in reaching their global career-defining milestones, as well as the members’ daily lives and inner thoughts.”

The docuseries will premiere with two episodes, beginning December 20, with two additional episodes premiering every Wednesday. BTS Monuments: Beyond The Star will span across eight episodes.

You can see the trailer above.

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