This summer brought fantastic news for fans of The Beatles: Paul McCartney said in an interview, “[Peter Jackson] was able to extricate [John Lennon’s] voice from a ropey little bit of cassette. We had John’s voice and a piano and he could separate them with AI. They tell the machine, ‘That’s the voice. This is a guitar. Lose the guitar’ So when we came to make what will be the last Beatles’ record, it was a demo that John had [and] we were able to take John’s voice and get it pure through this AI. Then we can mix the record, as you would normally do. So it gives you some sort of leeway. We just finished it up and it’ll be released this year.”

Now, there’s some more concrete information on that front: today (October 26), The Beatles revealed the song, titled “Now And Then,” is set to arrive on November 2.

It appears there’s also going to be a short film about the creation of the track as the band shared a trailer for it today. The 30-second video features archival clips of the band members with voiceovers of them talking about “Now And Then.”

“Now And Then” is available for pre-save and pre-order here.