There are only 12 songs Alice In Chains never played live with late frontman Layne Staley.

From 1990 until 1999, Alice put out three full length studio albums, three EPs and a couple of non-album singles with Staley. The frontman, known for his powerful vocals and goofy spirit, died in 2002.

Alice was hardly active from 1996 until Staley’s death, but they did record two more songs with the singer in 1998 called “Get Born Again” and “Died,” which were included as singles on their 1999 compilation box set Music Bank. 

In the early 2000s, Alice In Chains reunited for a few shows with singer William DuVall. Then, with the blessing of Staley’s family, he officially joined as their vocalist in 2006. Black Gives Way to Blue was their first album with DuVall on vocals, which came out in 2009.

They’ve released two more albums with DuVall since — 2013’s The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here and 2018’s Rainier Fog. 

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We were curious which songs Alice never played live with Staley, and turns out, there are only 12 of them. All of Facelift and Dirt were played at one point or another with the singer, but there are some tracks from their EPs and third self-titled album that never made the setlist.

All in all, there are 24 songs Alice In Chains have never played live from their entire discography. So we rounded them all up below.

There are two ’90s tracks that the band played in the 2000s, but never with Staley, which we made note of that next to the song title.

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The 24 Songs Alice in Chains Have Never Played Live

These are the 24 songs Alice In Chains have never played live. Two songs have been played by the band, but not with Layne Staley, so they are marked.

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