The music video is a very specific art form that many appreciate, but few really take the time to explore.

While you may have a quick answer to the question of the hottest music video you’ve ever seen, we doubt you could rank the hottest of all time. From Beyonce to Prince, we’ve made a definitive ranking of the ten steamiest music videos ever made.

10. Beyonce “Partition”

Beyoncé – Partition (Explicit Video)

Beyonce is the queen of the sparkly leotard. Her iconic love seat pose has given life to countless memes, and for good reason. This video is undeniably one of her hottest.

9. Selena Gomez “Hands to Myself”

Selena Gomez – Hands To Myself (Official Music Video)

First of all, Selena Gomez+bangs is pretty fire. Second of all, Selena Gomez+bangs+lingerie+steamy bathtub shots= 🔥🔥🔥🔥

8. Usher “Trading Places”

Usher – Trading Places

Usher doing anything is undeniably hot. We would watch the man tie his shoe laces and give him a standing ovation afterwards. In this video, we not only get steamy bedroom shots and plenty of oiled muscle, but also weird indoor-human-fish-tank moments that we’re admittedly pretty into.

7. D’Angelo “Untitled (How does it feel)”

D’Angelo – Untitled (How Does It Feel)

Honestly, it’s just D’angelo standing there shirtless singing his heart out. What more could you want?

6. Nicki Minaj “Anaconda”

Nicki Minaj – Anaconda

This iconic video features Minaj in lycra pants and other various form fitting outfits twerking etc. She also makes smoothies. It’s hard to look away.

5. Rihanna “S&M”

Rihanna – S&M

This whole list could be Rihanna music videos and we’d stand by it. Out of all of Ri-Ri’s steamy videos, this is perhaps the most enticingly chaotic. Bonus: Rihanna has magnificent red hair in this clip.

4. Prince “Kiss”

Prince – Kiss (Official Music Video)

Prince was the king of pushing boundaries, and this video was no exception. MTV loosened their standards specifically for this 1986 hit, and we’re so glad they did. Prince in a crop top? Yes please.

3. Beyonce “Drunk in Love”

Beyoncé – Drunk in Love (Explicit) ft. JAY Z

Yes, Beyonce made the list twice, but we just couldn’t help ourselves. While Beyonce looks as amazing as always in this video, what really puts it over the top is the way she undresses Jay-Z with her eyes. *Melts*

2. Chris Isaak “Wicked Game”

Wicked Game – Single Edit – Official Music Video

This video is decidedly NSFW. Widely agreed upon across the internet to be one of the hottest videos of all time, “Wicked Game” will leave you speechless.

1. Britney Spears “Toxic”

Britney Spears – Toxic (Official Music Video)

This video tops our list because it just doesn’t get more iconic than this. Say what you want about Britney, but she always delivered in the music video department.

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