One of NYC’s best house musicians High Fidelity has once again outdone himself with an all-new collection of outstanding music, the album is titled The Aftermath.

Inspirations to start producing music started in 2014 for the artist, when he decided to dabble with electronic music and create a unique algorithmic system to create his phenomenal music. The prolific musician has one of the most productive outputs compared to his peers, with The Aftermath coming as his fourth album after the releases of Overdose (2016), Circus Clowns (2017), and The Jazz Album (2021).

Different from his previous work, The Aftermath conveys a darker ambience, which was focused on achieving by the artist. The goal was to create the same kind of ‘aftermath’ of the artist’s darkest days and hours, and he does so brilliantly. The songs are incredibly complex and yet familiar due to the melodic rhythms and impressive sequences. A one of a kind album, make sure to give High FIdelity’s The Aftermath a listen!

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