The Kansas City Chiefs have been struggling offensively of late, at least relative to the sky-high expectations they’ve set for themselves with Patrick Mahomes under center.

This year, the Chiefs have had a middling offense and have struggled to both sustain and finish drives in the way we’re accustomed to seeing, largely because of an inconsistent passing attack. Drops have been a big issue for the Chiefs this year, as their receiving corps has been a disappointment, and even the tight ends, headlined by Travis Kelce, have had a tough last month-plus. However, a reprieve appeared to be coming Kansas City’s way on Sunday as they were in a prime “get right” spot against a woefully bad Patriots team.

While it took a bit to get going, the Chiefs eventually hit their stride to take a 27-10 lead in the second half. It could’ve been an even bigger lead, but a couple red zone possessions stalled out and resulted in field goals. One of those came in the early third quarter when a third down pass to Kelce in the back of the end zone fell incomplete, with the star tight end doing his best to flop and draw an interference penalty to get a first down. That was unsuccessful, but it did yield a new reaction meme in the form of Taylor Swift dropping an f-bomb trying to figure out where the flag was.

Watching Taylor Swift morph into a rabid Chiefs fan has been at true delight to watch this season, as she’s gone from happily cheering for big Kelce plays when they first started publicly dating to now being a full-on irrational fan like the rest of us. The telltale sign of that transformation is dropping f-bombs at the refs for not throwing flags on pretty clear non-calls, and Taylor puts her whole chest into this one.

This is what three months of being locked in on football will do to someone and it’s just nice to get confirmation in real time that it’s inevitable for anyone.

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