Taylor Swift’s time in London has been nothing short of star-studded. As the “Fortnight” singer’s The Eras Tour set up home at the Wembley Stadium, celebrities (including The Royal Family) have been spotted enjoying Swift’s signature songs.

But it seems the sold-out shows didn’t move as smoothly as they appeared. Yesterday (June 22), one concertgoer uploaded a video from the venue and claimed that the main screen glitched before Swift took to the stage that evening. But fans believe that the singer used the moment to subtly hint at a project in progress.

“This can not have been an accident,” wrote the user.

“It’s the third glitch in the UK is it not?? Am I bonkers,” asked another.

In the clip, b-roll footage of Swift in a past performance was frozen mid-frame. The eerie grays black-and-white screen glitch, in which Swift’s eyes are glazed over, could have easily served as a throwaway from horror film, The Exorcist. But the Swifties have taken the issue to be a teaser of Swift’s highly anticipated re-recording, Reputation (Taylor’s Version) album.

“OMG, it’s coming #REP,” penned one user.

“She should release ‘Rep’ the same day 🛴 bought her masters. Like happy anniversary b*tch 😭,” wrote another.

Only time will tell if the blip was secretly planned. Outside the minor tech hiccup, Hugh Grant thought the show was stellar, or so he detailed on X (formerly Twitter). Read his note below.

Dear Taylor Swift,

You have an incredible show, an amazing and very hospitable team and excellent if gigantic boyfriend (#tequilashots.). Thanks so much from one aging London boy, wife and thrilled 8-year-old #halfgirlhalfbracelet

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