Taylor Swift has been in many movies, though most of them are pretty bad: Cats, Amsterdam, Cats, The Giver, Cats, etc. She also really wanted an Oscar nom, but that didn’t happen. So instead of getting some acting lessons or giving up entirely, she has decided to single-handedly destroy the movie industry by messing up everyone’s fall release schedules. And honestly, you can’t really blame her for that.

Last week, Swift announced that her concert tour film will head to theaters on Friday, October 13th. Shortly after the announcement, Jason Blum announced that the upcoming Exorcist installment, The Exorcist: Believer would give up that coveted October 13th release date in order to give the Swifties more breathing/screaming room in the cinema. It was probably a good idea, as The Eras Tour racked up over $10 million in presale tickets.

But that’s not the only movie that has shifted release dates. Dumb Money, the movie about the infamous GameStop debacle, has been moved around multiple times over the past few months due to the ongoing strike, but will now open on September 29th instead of its previous release date of October 6th. Pete Davidson and Paul Dano surely don’t want to compete with The Exorcist.

Ordinary Angels, a film from the Christian film company Kingdom Story, has also disappeared from its October 6th release date, which could mean that they were actually too nervous that The Excorist releasing on the same day could scare off some of their moviegoers. A new date has not yet been released. A24’s release of Pricilla has also been delayed until November 3rd.

Finally, RomCom princess Meg Ryan is returning to the screen for What Happens Later, though it seems to be happening much later than its original release date, which was October 13th. It will now be released on November 3rd.

Do we think Taylor is happy that people are actually going to see her in theaters for once? Probably! Listen……at least it’s not Cats 2.

(Via IndieWire)

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