Taylor Swift took to social media tonight to remind fans that it’s only a “fortnight” (two weeks) until her new album The Tortured Poets Department drops on April 19. Earlier today in celebration, she also released some special playlists to Apple Music that divide her previous music into the different stages of heartbreak.

These include “I Love You, It’s Ruining My Life” (Denial), “You Don’t Get to Tell Me About Sad” (Anger), “Am I Allowed To Cry?” (Bargaining), “Old Habits Die Screaming” (Depression), and “I Can Do It With A Broken Heart” (Acceptance).

In each playlist to set the tone of what Swift’s upcoming album will detail, seemingly in the loss of her relationship with Joe Alwyn, she also included some voice notes that provide more insight into her mindset.

“I wrote them while feeling anger,” Swift said about the group of songs in her “You Don’t Get To Tell Me About Sad” playlist. “Over the years I’ve learned that anger can manifest itself in a lot of different ways, but the healthiest way that it manifests itself in my life is when I can write a song about it and then oftentimes that helps me get past it.”

Check out Taylor Swift’s five voice notes for her new Apple Music playlists below.

The Tortured Poets Department is out 4/19 via Republic. Find more information here.

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