Uproxx cover star Tate McRae is basking in well-earned fame. With the release of her new album, Think Later, the musician is gaining a heap of new doting fans and odd admirers. On Friday, December 8, McRae learned how strange the public can be.

During her album launch party at Kingston Przym in London, McRae was hit by an object someone threw from the crowd. In a video captured by a concertgoer, when McRae begins to open her eyes following the closing note of her song “You Broke Me First,” an attendee hurls a balled-up pair of socks toward her. When McRae’s eyes fully opened, she’s struck squarely in the face, which left her looking visibly disgusted.

“What was that? Was that a sock,” shrieks McRae.

People online commended McRae for laughing the incident off. However, she was sure to take to her Instagram stories to reprimand the attacker politely. She posted a screengrab of someone writing, “Why’d you have to hit her up like that?!?!? You should know it isn’t normal.”


Although McRae wasn’t seriously injured, as was the case for Bebe Rexha, she clearly does not support the growing trend of throwing things at entertainers.

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