In a few weeks, the German synth-prog/film-score greats Tangerine Dream will release their new album Raum. Edgar Froese, the founder and sole constant member of Tangerine Dream, died in 2015. For Raum, Froese’s bandmates Thorsten Quaeschning, Hoshiko Yamane, and Paul Frick used Froese’s archives and Cubase arrangements to concoct a whole new album. Tangerine Dream have already shared the LP’s title track, and now they’ve also released a new single called “You’re Always On Time.”

“You’re Always On Time” is a tense, contemplative synth instrumental, and it sounds cool as hell. The song taps deep into the long-established Tangerine Dream sound; it’s the type of track that you might expect to hear while watching James Caan break into a safe, say, or a group of weary road-dog vampires looking back at all the carnage that they’ve just left behind.

For the “You’re Always On Time” video, directors Felix and Julian Moser film the surviving members of Tangerine Dream on Super 8 cameras. The clip shows them capturing natural sounds to use for samples — holding microphones up to flowing rivers, or recording themselves scratching tree barks. Check it out below.

Raum is out 2/25 on Kscope/Eastgate Music.