Sweet Dreams Nadine, formerly known as just Nadine, will release a self-titled album next month on Dear Life Records. The band — comprising Nadia Hulett and former Ava Luna members Julian Fader and Carlos Hernandez — have already released the lead single “Weird Love,” and today they’ve shared another album track: “Painted Blue.”

Here are Hernandez’s thoughts on “Painted Blue”:

The cross-wiring of the phrases “sing me a song” and “bring me some sun” I think is like the subconscious speaking the truth. Or let me put it another way– have you ever had a dream where you’re climbing up a staircase, climbing and climbing, but the more you climb, feet kinda fumbling beneath you, steps shifting and tilting, you just find yourself farther and farther from the top.

With Painted Blue I think we were trying to build a staircase like that. We spent a long time on this song before the chorus existed, just really swimming in those two phrases, “sing me a song” and “bring me some sun.” I think the puzzle-solving aspect, that you were asking about, is similar to that weird dream puzzle, where the only thing at the top of the staircase really is just awakeness, daily life.

Being stuck in a loop like that, sometimes the only way up and out and towards the sun is patience. In practice that’s what it looked like, me fiddling and moving parts around, uncertain of what we were building to. It took a few years for you to find the message in the chorus, then we could finally find the steps. Sometimes the only way up is to stop climbing a while, and see what wisdom comes in the waiting. To be “painted blue” means to totally succumb to your surroundings, like in a dream…it’s weird how the world of this song kind of invites a feeling just like that.

Check out “Painted Blue” below.

Sweet Dreams Nadine is out 4/14 on Dear Life.