Suzie True, the DIY pop-punk trio from Los Angeles, came out with their debut LP Saddest Girl At The Party a couple of years ago, and they’re now getting ready to follow it with a new album called Sentimental Scum. Singer/bassist Lexie McCoy says that the new record is “inspired by artists like Babes In Toyland, The Muffs, Jeff Rosenstock, Josie & The Pussycats, and anime theme music,” which is a fun combination. The band shared opening track “Backburner” as a stand-alone single last year, and now they’ve also released another one.

The new song “Keep In Touch” is a bright, fuzzy jam with homespun hooks and fuzzy, twinkly riffs. This band is good at conveying warm, charismatic headrush feelings, and that’s what they do on this one. The Rae Mystic-directed video is sunny and frilly, and it communicates a whole aesthetic. Below, check out the “Keep In Touch” video and the Sentimental Scum tracklist.

01 “Backburner”
02 “Better Fool”
03 “Drain”
04 “Keep In Touch”
05 “Dumb”
06 “Friends At Best”
07 “Sentimental Scum”
08 “Honeybear”
09 “I Lost It (Self Respect)”
10 “Live Fast, Die Fun!!!”
11 “Wallflower”
12 “Wine Stains”

Sentimental Scum is out 6/30 on Get Better Records.